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As you all know and as I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, social media can be the source of a lot of false information. However, there are plenty of facts shared online as well. While running a brand, some of the most important facts are the ones about the sites.

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Trend Update

Keeping up with trends are just as important as participating in them. It’s so easy to schedule a post and not research or really put any effort into it. However, is that how you envision yourself running your brand? Did you know some of these facts about the sites you promote on? Stay up to date and use it to your advantage to promote and network.

  • Clarendon is the most popular Instagram filter across the world.
  • One of the top hashtags for marketing on Instagram is #social.
  • 50% of users on Instagram follow at least one business.
  • LinkedIn has over 400 million users.
  • Live tweeting during events is becoming more and more popular.
  • 38.6% of people who go online use Facebook.
  • The half of the population that does not use Facebook, still live with someone who does.
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Periodically it is good to take time to see what’s going on with the sites you promote your brand on.  Those were just a few facts. You may receive updates, but it won’t share statistics or best filters when those updates occur. It is the small details and facts that can assist you in better promoting your brand. Do you have any facts to share?

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